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I have been working for Technician, N.C. State’s student newspaper, since August 2012. I write a weekly “Viewpoint” column, which means I get to write about whatever interests me that week. Included below are the articles themselves, along with links to the published articles on Technician’s website.

First ‘Moral Monday’ protester convicted,” published October 9, 2013
The first organizer to face trial after being arrested during  the Moral Monday protests at the North Carolina legislature was found guilty on all charges Friday.

Parking prices increase for parts of downtown,” published October 9, 2013
The City of Raleigh increased the price of some of the parking meters downtown.

N.C. State forfeits stake in student startups, in lieu of education,” published October 7, 2013
For-profit startup incubators are becoming commonplace on college campuses across the United States. N.C. State, however, has chosen to take a hands-off approach to this educational endeavor by providing resources for students without asking for a cut of their profits.

Looking to leave a legacy,” published October 1, 2013
In 2010, Chancellor Randy Woodson announced one of his goals for N.C. State was to raise the endowment to $1 billion. Since then, he has stayed on track to meet that goal.

Students, Duke talk sustainability,” published September 16, 2013
Two students from the N.C. State Fossil Free group met with representatives from Duke Energy and the UNC -System sustainability division to discuss concerns about renewable energy on Wednesday, Sept. 4.

City of Raleigh awarded grant to improve train station downtown,” published September 10, 2013
Last Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s office announced that the federal government awarded the city of Raleigh a $10 million grant to revamp Union Station, located in downtown Raleigh. This follows a $21 million grant the previous year for the same project.

Environmental committee kicks of the semester,” published September 6, 2013
The N.C. State Physical Environment Committee held its first meeting of the semester Thursday to discuss updates regarding University Facilities and Transportation. During the 20-minute meeting, PEC approved minutes from the previous meeting and assigned subcommittees.

Bike rental service opens,” published August 29, 2013
The WolfWheels QuadBikes Pilot Program officially launched Wednesday evening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the N.C. State Honors Village. More than 40 students attended to celebrate the new bike share program.

Blood drive short of record,” published August 26, 2013
N.C. State students bled red for the community Friday at the fourth annual campus blood drive. 1,100 pints were donated, which is slightly less than last year’s record-breaking 1,137.

Sadlack’s: Hillsborough’s mortal hero,” published April 28, 2013
I didn’t even make it to the door of Sadlack’s Heroes before I knew I was out of place.

Germany’s role in the international scene grows,” published April 18, 2013
Approximately 90 people crowded into Caldwell Hall Wednesday to hear German Consul General Christoph Sander speak on Germany’s growing role in the modern world.

The real inconvenient truth,” published April 16, 2013
Nature has broken me, and I have been forced to reverse my position on big government. I’m asking that our federal administration regulate the heck out of carbon emissions to solve the greatest problem known to mankind: the inchworms.

Save our state,” published April 3, 2013
The Republican Party is taking us straight to hell. At least that’s the message you would have walked away with had you attended last week’s “Save our State” conference.

Down with Boehner: Portman for President,” published March 26, 2013
I used to love John Boehner. The man that New York Daily News described as a “chain-smoking glad-hander with a permanent tan and anchorman hair” was once the apple — or should I say pumpkin — of my eye.

Judge not, lest ye be judged,” published March 20, 2013
Every major religion has been the butt of a thousand jokes, but Southern Baptists nearly monopolize the punch line industry. Catholics get the rape jokes, Muslims get the Muhammad jokes and Jews are labeled as “tightwads.” But the Southern Baptists caricature is the gossiping, pie-baking, Bible-toting crazy person dressed in seven layers who stands on a street corner proclaiming the world is doomed to fire and brimstone.

My first news article! “Student group protests in the name of clean energy,” published March 14, 2013
Members from the N.C. State Fossil Free group attended a North Carolina Utilities Commission hearing to voice their opposition to proposed rate hikes by Progress Energy, which has 1.3 million customers in North Carolina, including N.C. State

Keep the sugary drinks,” published March 13, 2013
I’m just going to come clean: I’m a flaming Republican. If you’re a regular Technician reader, you may have noticed that recently, my columns have flirted with Republican ideology. Readers, I’m ditching flirtation for full-on advances. The not-so-secret secret is out. Get ready, because from now until the end of this semester, you’re going to get weekly columns full of talk about smaller government and capitalist practices. I’ve decided to champion the Republican cause. You can call me RepublicMan … see what I did there?

On the notion of ‘fairness,'” published February 20, 2013
Goodwill, the source of Macklemore-esque “grandpa style” clothing, is sweating under the negative media spotlight because its executives allegedly make too much money. But its solitary media appearance is undeserved, as more than one local non-profit awards its executives ample salaries — some more than half a million dollars.

In defense of McCrory,” published February 13, 2013
McCrory is not an idiot. The jokes about our governor making Art Pope look reasonable in comparison need to stop.

Forum leaders fail Public Relations 101,” published February 12, 2013
The Raleigh Convention Center played host to more than one inconsistency on Monday.

Shifting gears: Why Raleigh should put its citation officers in ‘park,’” published February 9, 2013
ParkLink has given out one too many parking tickets. Not to me, mind you. After three citations, I decided last semester to boycott Raleigh parking. Instead, I park at Cameron Village, grab a Starbucks coffee – so that I’m technically a Cameron customer – and walk 10 minutes to class.

Debating merits of soliciting funds,” published February 5, 2013
It’s an unspoken rule on campus: Don’t make eye contact with the Greenpeace representatives. They just want your money.

We propose the end of proposals,” published January 30, 2013
Our government is finally starting to cooperate with itself. This past week, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators and President Obama both released their proposed plans for immigration reform. After four years of complaints from U.S. citizens, the White House and Congress want the same thing.

My ‘some-what’ opinion,” published January 30, 2013
This column is in honor of the death of absolutes. We can no longer claim anything with conviction because there is another side to every statement imaginable.

Sexy: it’s far less than equalizing,” published January 22, 2013
Saudi Arabia is doing more for women’s rights than America Ferrera is.

The next round of change,” published January 22, 2013
At the heart of President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address were ideas of unity and diversity, ideas that N.C. State has long advocated.

#RealForbesProfessors,” published January 16, 2013
While professors may enjoy a higher degree of autonomy than, say, a shift worker, they still have a variety of groups piling on the to-dos. At the top of the list are students, who rely on professors to prepare them for their futures.

Taking a breath of fresh air,” published January 15, 2013
Knowing this, should we all turn to hummus as our only source of protein? Should we join the ranks of Greenpeace in droves and only shop at Goodwill? That may be a bit of an overreaction, and it’s also impractical.

PR Tips from UNC-Chapel Hill,” published January 9, 2013
I only go to N.C. State and am hardly qualified to talk about this type of thing, but I’m gonna give it my best shot to share some of their PR tips with you. Bear with me, and please excuse any misspellings.

What Happened to ASG?” published December 13, 2012
ASG’s mission statement claims that its members “champion the concerns of students and ensure affordability and accessibility to quality education today and tomorrow.” Yeah, about

The Elusive Perfect Sentence,” published November 27, 2012
In the quest to better myself as a writer, I have often wondered what it would be like to compose the perfect sentence. What would it look like?

Who Run the World? Girl (Scout)s,” published November 13, 2012.
According to an article on TIME magazine’s website, Girl Scouts are selling more and more cookies thanks to social media.

Let us not Forget,” published November 7, 2012. 
Despite what any naysayers think, let us not forget that whoever is taking the reins of our government this January is not going to ruin the country.

Entrepreneurs, Elections, and Networking Events,” published October 30, 2012.
Honestly, it looks a little bleak. If a start-up business has not been able to do well during the past four years, I wouldn’t count on anything changing after this November.

My Break-Up with Lance Armstrong,” published October 24, 2012.
We will always look to Lance as an example of pushing through the pain or for going after a goal with nothing stopping you. But there will be no more talk of how impressive his feats were. We will no longer remember him as the Herculean fitness icon. His image has been forever tainted.

Could You Get More Mediocre?” published October 15, 2012.
Why don’t you just save your paint and get some sleep during those wee hours of the morning. That will save us here at Technician some page space to cover something much more interesting.

A Passion for Pumpkin,” published October 8, 2012.
Once a year, for the span of about three months, our country finds itself obsessed over the pumpkin. It reminds me of the way in which we obsess over politics for about six months every election.

Google: The Father of All Pointless Hysteria,” published September 18, 2012.
As the joke goes, Google can do whatever it wants. But in all honesty, is it doing anything wrong?

Mitt Romney: Full Meal between Foot and Words,” published September 17, 2012.
It’s utterly absurd to me that anyone would drop so low as to use the awful events that took place 11 years ago as a means to benefit themselves politically, or even as the basis of a publicity stunt.

Appeal to Vote,” published September 3, 2012.
What I’m trying to get across to you is that now, more than ever, you have the opportunity to make your opinion known to the rest of America. Voting is the single best way to show that not only do you have an opinion, but that you care enough to express it.

Apple of Consumer’s Eyes,” published August 28, 2012.
Apple has quite the audacity. But I guess when you’re the most highly valued public company, this trait is a necessary part of your anatomy.

Fragments,” published August 19, 2012.
It’s the start of the semester. Classes have resumed, meaning, yes, there will be writing. A lot of writing. In honor of your future hand cramps I would like to tell you of my love affair with fragments (yes, you read that right).