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To Tweet or to Post

November 20, 2012

Published here on January 18, 2013

Social media is a big part of our lives. Seriously, do you know anyone at N.C. State that doesn’t at least have a Facebook? How many YouTube videos have you watched this week? How many of you have internships or jobs that involved the use or management of social media platforms?

We thought it would be fun to put together a little demographic of students use social media in their everyday lives, particularly Facebook and Twitter. These platforms are more neutral than the male dominated websites, such as Reddit, and the female dominated Pinterest.

And who better to ask than you guys? According to a survey done last month, this is what we found to be true of NCSU PRSSA members:

Over 80% of you have both a Facebook and Twitter.

Of those that have both, 65% prefer Facebook, and 35% prefer Twitter.

Why Facebook?

  • “Facebook can be more personal.”
  • “Personally, I like to look at pictures as well and feel that Facebook has a better format for that.”
  • “Facebook tells me when it is someone’s birthday, and it’s not as obnoxious to have conversations.”
  • “I like Facebook better than Twitter because Facebook has more options. On Facebook, you can like other people’s posts and there is more to do on face book while twitter is solely posts. Twitter is very limited.”

Why Twitter?

  • “Parents haven’t taken over Twitter.”
  • “Twitter is simpler, it allows me to have quicker access to other’s opinions of a certain topic, and I have access to posts from people that I do not know personally.”
  • I like Twitter because it streamlines all of the posts from everyone in a way that isn’t clogged up by who’s pinned what or who’s listening to music on Spotify. Also, I don’t really care about the new that the majority of my friends on Facebook post, but with Twitter, I’ve only chosen to follow the people whose news I want to see.”

It seems as if people like Facebook for the very reason they don’t like Twitter and vice-versa. Twitter is appreciated for its simplicity, whereas Facebook’s multitude of options makes it the preferred choice.

Almost 70% of you Tweet at least once every day. 20% of you Tweet at least 4 times a day.

80% of you use Twitter primarily for news, both mainstream and personal. The next highest category of Twitter use was business communication, at 31%.

Why did you get a Twitter?

  • “I got twitter initially because I was in charge of a non-profit’s public relations efforts and needed one to get familiar with it.”
  • “I got one because all of my friends began to use Twitter.”
  • “Initially I got it to follow different celebrity accounts, there was no activity on my Twitter, but once more and more of my friends started using twitter I created a personal account that I tweeted from.”
  • “For professional reasons and to follow professionals in the area. I also got one for an easy way to keep up with the latest news.”
  • “Now that I think about it… I really don’t know why I got a Twitter.”

55% of you are on Facebook for at least one hour every day.

75% of you update your Facebook status at least once a week, and 20% of you update your status almost every day.

The main reasons you use Facebook are for posting pictures, and keeping up with social news.

80% of you use Facebook to communicate with friends, and whereas less that 20% use it for business communication.

So that’s a little demographic of you all. It seems as if you are quite fluent in the language of social media. Every PR firm in the country should be proud!


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